Japan Centre x Hyper Japan event

By Samantha Buttigieg

Japan Center X Hyper Japan
Lovers of J-Culture and Anime? We know the perfect way for you to spend your Saturday! We previously mentioned that our friends at Stratford Picturehouse are screening Akira tomorrow - Saturday 13th July @ 8.30pm). Well, why not make a day of it and pay Umai by Japan Centre, located in Westfield Stratford a visit?

Japan Centre and Hyper Japan have joined forces to offer you a Japanese-fun filled event full of various awesome free things to do! Japan Centre x Hyper Japan, taking place between 12pm-6pm; an exclusive, one-off event that offers you a one-stop shop to tickle your taste buds just before the main Hyper Japan event taking place in just a few short weeks (26-28 July). Which is why here at SCI-FI-LONDON we're super-excited about this.

As lovers of Japanese Culture and anime, this collaborative event taking place down the road from one of our favourite cinemas (and the home of SCI-FI-LONDON) caught our eye, especially with it taking place on the same day as the Akira screening - all making it a perfect way to spend a day by starting off at the Japan Centre x Hyper Japan event and then heading over to Stratford Picturehouse, relaxing in their lovely bar and then watching the Akira screening taking place at 8.30pm. All timed very nicely indeed!

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