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SCI-FI-LONDON create the world's first mini festival for astronauts!

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SFL APP Update

Carry the festival in your pocket!  Win stuff, see exclusive content...get it now!

sci-fi-london 48hr film challenge

48 Hour Challenge Update

The winners of this year’s challenges are announced Wed 2 May.

Day one - 48hr challenge

Hundreds of people are making films and writing stories this weekend, here’s an update on progress so far.

the sci-fi-london 48hr trophy

The 2017 challenge winners

Good luck this weekend challengers.  ICYMI, here are last year's results.

sci fi london is coming

The Festival Teaser

Here is a little video teaser of the eye, ear and brain candy coming 1 - 7 May

garetth edwards - 48hr scifi film challenge winner

What a rogue...

He made Rogue One... but more importantly, won the 48hr - now he heads the jury!

EMBERS - now available in the UK

We gave this amazing movie our BEST FILM award.  It is a fantastic debut by Claire Carre and finally available to buy.