Exclusive Fanboys Screening

SCI-FI-LONDON present an Exclusive Screening of FANBOYS, free cupcakes and director, Kyle Newman.

SCI-FI-LONDON 9 - Improv

Geek Night Out at SFL9

Highlights of the Geek Night Out stand up at SCI-FI-LONDON 9

Marc Caro Films

Marc Caro Q & A from SFL8

Marc Caro talks about The City of Lost Children in a couple of podcasts recorded at SFL8

Director's Guild Films

DGGB panel from SFL8

Marc Caro, Cory McAbee, Gerald McMorrow, Richard Jobson & Stuart Hazeldine discuss their work

Starcraft II

Blizzard support SFL9

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty will be showcased at this year's festival as part of a new sponsorship deal.


Festival Accommodation...

Coming to London for the festival - looking for cheap digs? Try our new partner.

SFL8 Gollum

Filmmaker interviews

Q & As from SFL8 including The Hunt for Gollum, Cryptic and Eyeborgs