SciFi London - Frequencies

Darren Paul Fisher talks Frequencies

The writer-producer-director chats about his film, out today on DVD and digital. 

Godzilla VFX interview

Martin Jensen talks with Axel Bonami, compositing supervisor on GODZILLA. 

Stephanie Leonidas gets Defiance

We talk to Stephanie Leonidas about the new season of Defiance, starting on Syfy this week.

Gareth Edwards on Godzilla

Gareth talks about making his Hollywood monster movie at the London press conference on 12 May 2014.

Gareth Edwards on Godzilla

Meet the man bringing the King of the Kaiju back to the multiplex!

Stephanie Leonidas

Stephanie Leonidas interview [audio]

Stephanie Leonidas stars in the sci-fi series Defiance. We talk to her about her role in the series, learning an alien language and playing the game.

Pacific Rim - Gypsy Danger Cockpit

Thomas Tull interview

Thomas Tull is a producer at Legendary Entertainment, the company behind some of the biggest genre hits (and occasional flops) in the last decade. Here he talks about Pacific Rim.

Will Patton

Will Patton interview

We interviewed actor Will Patton about his role as Captain Weaver in the alien invasion series Falling Skies.

Lost Girl

Anna Silk

Interview with the star of Lost Girl about her role in the series, out now on DVD.