Marcel Theroux

Interview with Clarke Award nominee Marcel Theroux

Marcel Theroux's fourth novel - and his first science fiction novel - Far North, is a beautiful, slow-burning read that rewards the patient reader with a fascinating and compelling story that will be remembered long after it's put down. 

Richard Kelly

Richard Kelly

Donnie Darko director talks about THE BOX and the state of intelligent sci-fi. *contains spoilers*

James Cameron

James Cameron

The blockbuster director talks about the technical aspects and political themes of his latest sci-fi spectacular.

Simon Furman

Simon Furman

We speak to Transformers comic book writer Simon Furman

Dave Feloni

Dave Filoni

A short Q&A with STAR WARS™: THE CLONE WARS™ director

Greg Grunberg - Heroes

Greg Grunberg

SCI-FI-LONDON goes on the beat with Matt Parkman.

Cory Doctrow

Cory Doctorow podcast

Cory Doctorow talks to Sci-Fi London about his writing career so far