I, Robot on BBC Radio 4

irobot book jacket

As you may be aware, we love to listen to sci-fi - if you haven't already, you should check out our own library of aural goodness which includes our retelling of the grandfather of all robot stories, R.U.R

We are super excited about the upcoming dramatisation of I, Robot on BBC Radio 4.  Isaac Asimov’s vision has inspired science fiction for over 60 years – positronic brains & the Three Laws of Robotics have become the blueprint for how robots are written.   

This is the first ever complete dramatisation of I, Robot – the Will Smith film took only the names of the character and only a few of the stories have been adapted for film/TV and so on. 

I, Robot is on BBC Radio 4 from Monday 6 February at 10:45am and runs throughout the week with an omnibus on Saturday 11 February.  Then on Iplayer we hope for many a replay.

See you at the festival and keep your ears open!

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