CLiNT first issue coming

Clint Cover
At a time when everyone is declaring that "print is dead" (including the Oxford Dictionary), CLiNT, a new British comic book/magazine is launched on the market by Titan. What makes this launch even more interesting is it is clearly aimed at an adult audience, or at least adults (mostly male) with an aversion to "growing up". Personally, I detest that expression, especially when it is aimed at me. What is a "grown-up" anyway? To me it is someone who has stopped growing; who has lost interest in learning and exploring the wonders the world has to offer. For every 30- or 40-something who still revels in the pleasures of computer games and comics there is a 20-something weighed down by the responsibility of a job and a mortgage. I know who I feel sorry for. CLiNT is definitely not aimed at the latter group.

CLiNT is not dedicated to the renowned Hollywood legend, but is juvenile typographic play on words, which gives you a pretty good idea of where it is aiming. Edited by Mark Millar (of WANTED and KICK-ASS fame) it is essentially a vehicle for himself and his friends – fellow Scot Frankie Boyle; and the husband of KICK-ASS screenwriter Jane Goldman, the well-known comic geek Jonathon Ross. If you are familiar with the schtick of the latter two, that will give you a further idea of its content. It's like DFG meets Nuts: high quality original comics, but with low-brow lads-mag articles, such as "Hot TV Mums" – a pictorial of MILFs off the tele, most of whom are neither real nor mothers, such as Lois off Family Guy. Thankfully these "articles" are only filler between the comics, which are what you are paying for: Kick-Ass 2; Turf (the gangster/vampire/aliens story by Jonathon Ross); Rex Royd by Frankie Boyle; Nemesis by Millar with fantastic artwork from Steve McNiven; and CLiNT's answer to Ripley – Huw Edwards' Space Oddities. Some of these have already been released in individual editions, making CLiNT's £3.99 cover price pretty good value – if you don't already have them.

Launching a new magazine is always a gamble, but one that contains comics aimed at older readers (the cover actually says "Warning! Contains Comics!) is a brave move, but one I hope will be a success. If there was some real substance to the non-comic articles then it would definitely be a winner. Comic readers may be perceived as immature but, like sci-fi fans, they are a lot smarter than your average magazine reader and deserve better articles.

CLiNT issue one is in newsagents from September 2, so see you next Thursday.

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