DC Comics 75th Anniversary Poster Book

DC Comics 75th Anniversary Poster Book
DC Comics is celebrating its 75th anniversary with this beautiful showcase of the most iconic, most groundbreaking, most recognisable and most famous covers from across its history. There are 500 covers in all and 100 sumptuous ready-to-frame posters, each one is a milestone in the DC Comics history, and if you don't want to take the book apart - and let's face it, it's almost too nice to do that to - you'll still have a gorgeous coffee-table book of covers, each one accompanied by history, commentary, quotes from the artists and additional examples of similar-period artwork that you'll find yourself flicking through again and again.

Arranged in chronological order, each poster has been printed on high quality paper with top-notch colour reproduction and the edges of each have been cunningly perforated to make removal as easy as possible without undue wear and tear to the rest of the book.

There truly is something for everyone here, from Action Pictures #1 (the first Superman and probably the most sought after comic by collectors the world over) to the introduction of the iconic Batman, and firm favorites like Wonder Woman and Shazam, the unsettling The House of Mystery and Strange Adventures, the relative innocence of Falling in Love, to more adult themes addressing social concerns like Green Arrow’s sidekick Speedy being a heroin addict and all the way up to the very best work from contemporary artists in V For Vendetta and Watchmen with the back of every poster revealing additional covers, concept sketches and commentary by author Robert Schnakenberg.

DC Comic Book Covers

There's a lot of depth here too. Each of the covers featured is a landmark publication, introducing recognisable characters, breaking free from the constraints of censorship, reflecting a particular era, questioning and highlighting social concerns, showing how artwork changes over the years, questioning the definition of what it is to be human and for fans of fun, a treasure trove of comic book trivia making this a must-have book not just for comic book fans but for artists, illustrators, writers, even cultural historians.

DC Comics 75th Anniversary Poster Book is published by Quirk Books and is available from Play.com, Blackwell and all good book stores

. With 208 pages and 500 Illustrations it is a fantastic way to mark the 75th anniversary of DC Comics and to look forward to their continuing success!

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