Zombies at Tiffany's

Zombies at Tiffany's Book Cover
The lovely Sam Stone has a new book out that will appeal to lovers of steampunk everywhere, throw in a dash of humour and little zombie horde and I'm sure she's got a hit on her hands. The story blurb reads:

"Kat Lightfoot thought that getting a job at the famed Tiffany’s store in New York would be the end to her problems ... she has money, new friends, and there’s even an inventor working there who develops new weapons from clockwork, and who cuts diamonds with a strange powered light. This is 1862, after all, and such things are the wonder of the age.

But then events take a turn for the worse: men and women wander the streets talking of ‘the darkness’; bodies vanish from morgues across town; and random, bloody attacks on innocent people take place in broad daylight.

Soon Kat and her friends are fighting for their lives against a horde of infected people, with only their wits and ingenuity to help them."

C'mon people, what's not to like!

Zombies at Tiffany's is out now.

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