The Mice: Culture Shock

The Mice: Culture Shock
British comics have always leant more towards the European style than that of their American cousins. And working in black and white was as much a creative choice as it was an economic one. 2000AD probably epitomises the British style more than any other, and has proven to be a breeding ground for some of this country's best talent, of which Roger Mason is undoubtedly one.

After what could be perceived as a traumatic experience working in a canning factory during his student days, Roger developed a story idea where humans were vermin living in a massive factory run by giant aliens. Roger explains how the idea grew into a fully realised story.

"Catfood, a 40-page mini-comic, was produced and sold on the small press circuit, followed by a longer story that expanded the narrative to include a startling discovery in the wild fields surrounding the factory, which was a partially buried Lincoln Cathedral. A prequel was required, so I re-drew my first story, The Mice, in which two humans venture into a hostile alien factory to ‘bury’ one of their dead in a can. This story and Catfood made up the first graphic novel, called The Factory Menace and was published by Scar Comics in 2011."

In the recently released continuation of the story, Culture Shock, The Mice leave the factory and journey into the endless fields surrounding it. Something is out there; something that will change the course of human and alien history forever.

The Mice: Culture Shock, as well as The Mice: The Factory Menace, are available from Scar Comics.

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