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to the moon colouring book | sci-fi-london
Ok, so being the tallest colouring book in the world is not really important, after all it isn't size that counts right?

That said, the folk at Laurence King Publishing are about to publish a gorgeous colouring book by Sarah Yoon, and it really is the tallest (well longest... well... it's big alright!).

Here at SFL HQ we had a play with it but it got hijacked by one of our youth programmers (see below) and we haven't seen it since.

Whether for yourself at night in bed as a bit of RnR, or a gift for a big or little kid - this book has some lovely artwork, cool detailing and takes you through Potteresque and Ewokian forests to the Moon.  

Nice work Sarah, now can you get us to the new Planet X?  

TO THE MOON is published Feb 15th and can be pre-ordered here

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