What We See In The Stars

As the days get colder and the nights get longer, we see sunlight replaced with starlight.

But… it’s easy to forget that they’re one and the same thing.

To help you keep this in mind, along with a whole universe of fascinating facts, is What We See In The Stars - a lovingly illustrated journey through the cosmos, taking in mythology, science, astrology and astronomy.

Kelsey Oseid’s beautiful hardback is packed with over 100 original artworks that bring to life the constellations, galaxies, planets and other celestial bodies that make up our universe.

And the feast isn’t just a visual one, it’s factual too. Did you know that what we call constellations are actually called asterisms? Or that there’s a planet whose days are longer than its years? Or that there’s a lesser-known 13th sign of the zodiac?

If you’re a stargazer looking to rekindle that spark or you’ve seen a twinkle in a young reader’s eye that might go supernova, this is the book for you.

What We See In the Stars, published by Boxtree, is available now. RRP £12.99

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