2010 Cinema

True Legend

True Legend

A reasonable martial arts movie ruined by dreadful 3D.

Metropilis Robot


Lang's classic sci-fi restored to its original length. Don't miss it!!

Metropilis Robot

Metropolis competition

Curzon Midnight Movies presents a preview of: METROPOLIS restored & reconstructed plus live performance & cocktails. Fri 3rd Sept. Curzon Mayfair. Win Tickets



This spy thriller needs to be taken with a pinch of…

Review may contain spoilers.


The Expendables

Saga Extreme: Action for the over 50s

Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim VS.the World

Edgar Wright's fantasy rom-com epic of awesomeness or whatever.


Film Science at BFI

SCI-FI-LONDON and the BFI offer you the chance to win a pair of tickets to a Film Science screening.