The Human Race returns to SCI-FI-LONDON this May

The Human Race

The Human Race

(Paul Hough, USA, 2012, 90mins)

After a critically acclaimed whirlwind tour across the international film circuit, Paul Hough’s The Human Race is once more returning to SCI-FI-LONDON this May.

The Human Race sees a group of 80 people ripped from their daily lives, re-appearing in an undisclosed location. These people are from all walks of life: young and old, athletic and disabled, white-collared and homeless. The rules to a race boom in their heads, in their own voice and language, laying out what will become a horrific race of terror: “If you are lapped twice, you die. If you step off the path, you die. If you touch the grass, you will die. Race...or die."

Startling and powerful, The Human Race was screened to great success in last year’s Oktoberfest, and is making its comeback in its completed form.

What the critics have to say about The Human Race:

"...literally hits the ground running and never lets up from start to jaw-dropping finish.” - Aaron Christensen, HorrorHound Magazine

"Inspirational and wickedly cruel." - Michael Ryan, Sound On Sight

"…a winner through and through...I have never seen a film play out so well in a theatre." - Bloody

"Never a dull moment throughout the movie" - Simon Rother, Horror-Movies.Ca

"Startling, violent and powerful… an altogether different animal... it will smash your teeth down your throat." - Mitch Davis, Fantasia Festival Co-Director

"Everything that adult viewers had hoped the similarly themed Hunger Games might have been..." - Screen-Space

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