John Boorman Season at BFI


What really marks a great filmmaker is their unique voice, that special something that makes their movies instantly identifiable. There are some that stick to the similar genres, but produce works of stunning beauty, such as Terence Mallick. Then there are the slightly more maverick auteurs (for want of a better word) that never quite fit into the studio system. The indie guys that manage to make memorable films in many diverse genres from drama to westerns to musicals to sci-fi. Contemporaries such as Americans John Sayles and Richard Linklater, and our own Danny Boyle. Then there are the old guard such as Nic Roeg and John Boorman, who managed to make the journey to Hollywood but retain their British sensibilities.

The BFI is presenting a season of films by John Boorman (from March 25 until the end of April) that gives a lot of emphasis to his noir classic Point Blank. However, amongst his canon is arguably the best Arthurian film ever made, Excalibur, and his 1973 dystopic sci-fi classic Zardoz, starring Sean Connery as you've never seen him before. While its look is slightly dated, the message and vision are as relevant today as they were 40 years ago. For fans of sci-fi and fantasy both these films are highly recommended, and this is a rare opportunity to see them on a big screen, with a respectful NFT audience.

We have arranged a special deal with the BFI for followers of SCI-FI-LONDON to get tickets to these two films (and all the other films and events in the John Boorman Season) at the exclusive BFI Members rate. To enjoy this discount simply quote SCI when booking online (, in person at the BFI Southbank box office or by phone on 020 7928 3232. (NOTE: online bookings will incur a booking fee).

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