People powered Dredd sequel endorsed by Rebellion

This campaign has been steadily growing on Facebook and has started to get some traction on Twitter:

Dredd - Karl Urban
The DREDD movie was released in 2012, and was offered a rare chance at redemption. In a screenplay designed to get back to the core of the actual character, and explore the world of the Judges and the violent nature of Mega City One. A goal that I think they surpassed. I recall vividly my excitement, followed by utter dismay, when the first 1990's Dredd movie with Stallone hit the theatres. Alex Garland & Karl Urban nailed it this time!

The new DREDD is Ultra Violent, Raw and Gritty. I think it's safe to say that it struck a chord with hardcore 2000AD fans and newbies alike. Unfortunately it's poor box-office sales seemed to relate to bad marketing and distribution (having done extremely well in the UK, yet poorly in the US).

It suffered a massive fumble. I have no idea what exactly happened, as it deserved to do so much better. Yet marketing a 3D only movie (with so many 3D haters out there) was a huge mistake; you have to give people options. It's simple economics, more people = more money. I love GOOD 3D and have been shooting stereoscopic stills for 10yrs, but I find this 3D only marketing approach to be crazy and a little insulting - it's not an art installation.

DREDD was shot natively in 3D (exceptionally well I might add) but even mega 3D blockbusters like Avatar and The Hobbit had plenty of 2D screenings.

So what chance do fans have? Well the Blu-ray and DVD sales have turned the tides, re-igniting this sequel hubub. And if you enjoyed the movie or haven't yet seen it and don't own it… go buy it!

Garland and Urban are calling on fans wanting a sequel to get vocal and let Lionsgate (@lionsgatemovies), who released Dredd, know that YOU want a sequel!

I've got the 3D Blu-ray, bought many of the comic books (in my youth) and have been buying the ultra cool case files, I just haven't got got a T-shirt yet.

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I wish them luck. You want to see Dredd 3 with Dark Judges on screen, don't you..?

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