Time Bandits back in cinemas

Time Bandits - Robin Hood

When imaginative young Kevin tries to escape the drudgery of his parents' suburban existance he suddenly finds himself in the company of a gang of time-travelling dwarves that are jumping around history pillaging from the rich and famous, while trying to dodge their boss Good, and his nemesis, Evil.

It's hardly surprising that Gilliam is at home in the UK, as his imagination has that dark eccentricity that is decidedly British, and one that could make a children's fantasy film that is interesting, as well as informative, that also appeals to people of all ages while never being condescending or patronising.

If you've never seen this on the big screen then this new digital master is a must see, and with it being filled with practical, pre-CGI, visual effects it is a real treat for those who appreciate the craftsmanship that went into making fantasy films. We encourage you to take children to see it.

The same restoration will be available on a new DVD and Blu-ray release from August 26, which will be packed with new special features on how this classic film was made.

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