Jupiter Ascending - Super Gadgets!

There’s no doubt that films have created some of the most exciting gadgets and gizmos you can imagine and you become adamant that a flying car and self-lacing shoes will make your life a million times better.   Actually, both of these are stupid things to really want, the flying car especially seems like the most dangerous thing ever - unless Google can conquer self-drive!

Anyway, with Jupiter Ascending in cinemas this Friday, get ready for a host of new inventions to add to your wishlist - or spend hours talking about the science behind why the won't work!

To celebrate the film’s release we take a look at the best gadgets cinema has to offer.

Hoverboard in Back to the Future Part II

2015 is the year Marty McFly travelled to in Back To the Future Part II. Despite this being the year we now live in, we are no closer to getting jackets that dry themselves and petrol stations operated by robots. We may not be overly fussed though, as if scientists had to focus on one particular gadget to create pronto, I think we’d all agree that a hoverboardwould be the invention of choice - and it is now almost a reality, well if you have a great big magnetic surface to skate on.  Check it out here

No doubt the coolest gadget that everyone wanted back in the 80s, and still do today, is the Lightsaber in Star Wars.  Designed as much for elegance in combat as for ceremony, and not as clumsy or random as a blaster, these iconic glowing blades of plasma were the formal weapon of the Jedi Knight, and a few nasty Sith!  As Obi-Wan-Kenobi said: “to use a lightsaber well was a mark of someone a cut above the ordinary,” so unless you’re a Jedi it may be a little tricky to get your hand on one.

Magnetic Watch in Live and Let Die

Q always has something up his sleeve for the king of gadgets - 007, whether its X-Ray glasses, a jetpack or an underwater car. Live and Let Die is no different as Bond is given a Rolex Submariner to deflect bullets and attract knives and ammo. Nevertheless, it’s most memorably used by Roger Moore to unzip the dress of Bond girl, Miss Caruso. Smooth Mr Bond, very smooth.

Neuralyzer in Men In Black

“Here come the Men in Black, Galaxy Defenders” armed with a catchy tune and a Neuralyzer, the signature device that erases the memories of witnesses to alien sightings. With handy settings to eliminate minutes, days, weeks and even years from your recollection, agent J (Will Smith) refuses to grasp it’s coolness – especially if you’re prone to screwing up a lot!

Gravity Boots in Jupiter Ascending

From the makers of The Matrix comes Jupiter Ascending and with that comes a lot of exciting new cinematic gadgets. Channing Tatum plays Caine, a genetically engineered ex-military hunter, who’s choice mode of transport is a pair of gravity boots which he uses to great effect to zoom around the streets of Chicago and the stunning landscapes of other worlds in a bid to protect Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis).

Forget the self-lacing shoes, these actually make you fly!


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