Paul Franklin on Interstellar's Effects

Paul Franklin - SciFi London

Paul Franklin, one of the founders of visual effects  has been Christopher Nolan's visual effects supervisor on all three of his Dark Knight films, Inception and now Interstellar. Last week he (and one of his two Oscars) took the stage at the Apple Store on Regent Street in a Q & A hosted by Chris Hewitt. 

Interstellar spectacularly blended digital and practical effects. Apparently there's only one greenscreen shot in the film - rather than a set, the spaceship became more like a "simulator", with space and stars projected outside the windows. This is something that goes right back to the beginning of Franklin and Nolan's collaboration with Batman Begins, when the former had to reassure the latter "We're not going to turn it into an animated film." The more reality you can give the actors, the better. In a time of huge superhero movies where action scenes can become entirely CG, it's a refreshing attitude. 

You can now watch or listen to the whole talk as an episode of Apple's Meet the Filmmaker podcast here. Places for future Meet the Filmmaker Q & As can be booked on the Apple website

Interstellar is out now on BluRay, DVD and digital. 

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