What is The Void?

Three years ago at the festival we showed Manborg, from Canadian producing team Astron-6.  It was a pitch perfect tribute to eighties video fare, complete with old school special effects work.  Now they have a new project underway, The Void, a take on Lovecraftian body horror in the vein of such works as From Beyond and Prince of Darkness, and they need help crowdfunding the project.

The main goal is for $50,000, specifically for the purposes of creating the elaborate make-up and effects work required for the film.  There's an excellent selection of perks, from a "thank you" in the credits, to a personalised message from Astron-6's extremely warped character Bio-Cop, to Blu-Rays, and even the opportunity to have your face be the basis of some of the monster designs.  There are also a good selection of posters designed for the film, from artists such as Gary Pullin, Justin Erickson, and Graham Humphreys.  The campaign has already reached half it's goal, but there's less than two weeks to go.  For the chance to be part of a bold new horror little, pledge as soon possible in the link below.  So what are you waiting for... join... us....

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