New Minions Trailer

SciFi London - Minions

The break-out stars of the Despicable Me films have their own spin-off movie.

Spanning (almost) all of history, it begins with their evolution from single-celled organisms, moves through their assisting all the villains of the ages - T. Rex, Napoleon, Dracula - and ending up in mod London trying to steal the Crown Jewels. When your main characters are identical and speak mostly gibberish, it's all about the physical comedy and there's plenty here. The Queen herself even getst to throw a few punches. 

Minions features the voices of Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm, is written by Brian Lynch and directed by Pierre Coffin (both Despicable Mes, and he also voices the main minions) & Kyle Balda.  It is released in UK cinemas on the 26th June. 

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