The Floating Cinema: Extra-Terrestrial

SciFi London - Floating Cinema

Who needs to see films in a cinema any more? London has been thriving recently with Secret Cinema screenings, rooftop hottub cinemas, and outdoor screenings that all seek to bring a little bit more to the film-going experience. And now The Floating Cinema has announced the line-up of their Extra-Terrestrial programme, showing sci-fi films and holding workshops in open-air environments across London

There's another chance to see Michael Madsen's documentary The Visit: An Alien Encounter if you missed it at the festival, along with classics Flash Gordon and The Day The Earth Stood Still. There's also a bunch of workshops and talks with artists, authors and scientists, tying in with screenings of films like The Creeping Garden (a visually striking documentary about the alien world of slime-mould) and Mirage Men (about how the US government used UFO conspiracy theories to cover up new technologies developed during the Cold War). 

For more info and to book tickets, head over to The Floating Cinema

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