48hr film leading to feature!

The festival is delighted to announce another partnership with Wildseed Studios.

Wildseed and SCI-FI-LONDON are working together again to offer one of the 48hr teams the chance to make a 'microbudget' feature film.
Every team who completes the challenge weekend will be invited to our 'PITCHING BOOTCAMP', a online programme to help you develop a killer pitch for a new scifi feature.
We will then read all the pitch documents and invite the best to 'TREATMENT BOOTCAMP' which will get you to a killer feature treatment.
Then one of these treatments will be taken to script and production, with a budget to complete the film!!!

Ben Mole, whose 48hr challenge film led to the development of a project which was selected at the end of the last incubator will shoot in early 2017, said this about the experience so far:
"Guided by Wildseed's amazing sense of story and character we took a handful of vague concepts and images and molded them, through wild brainstorms and targetted technical development sessions, into an exciting, professional, produce-able screenplay. I have learned so much. How to give and receive feedback, how to approach structure and scene sequencing, how to keep character plot and theme interwoven though every beat, and not least how to have a lot of fun doing it. "

Only those who complete a 48hr challenge film this year are eligible to take part, so get your team together and sign up!!!

Previous winners have included Gareth Edwards, who went on to direct GODZILLA and is currently working on Star Wars: Rogue One.

For full info on how to take part visit


Follow the action @scifilondon - #sfl48hr

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