Rogue One's coming

We are so excited about the next Star Wars movie, not just because it looks super and has some great new characters, but we love Gareth Edwards and can't stop grinning about him joining the annals of a super-franchise.

For those of you who know, Gareth was a talented VFX artist but had not directed a movie until he entered our 48Hour Film Challenge.   From this debut short he went on to develop MONSTERS, a cool low-budget scifi film.    Good enough we would say, but that led to GODZILLA and now ROGUE ONE.    As many a Londoner would say "boy dun good".

Not long to go before we can share the spectacle... in the meantime, why not watch FACTORY FARMED.   Also, take a look at one of the first films that Daisy Ridley was in.      

And for all you filmmakers... next challenge is 8 - 10 April 2017.

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