One of the best stop-motion films in years? Fia waxes enthusiastic about Paranorman, in cinemas today.


Win premiere tickets

Win tickets to premiere of new British indie sci-fi feature, Modified.

When the Lights Went Out

When the lights went out

An excellent new British horror film, When the lights went out, takes typically American themes of possession, exorcism and poltergeist activity and relocates them to a 1970s semi in Yorkshire.

Total Recall

Total Recall

Not exactly a total remake. We present two arguments.

The Watch

The Watch

Who is watching The Watch?

The Watch

The Watch

Director Akiva Schaffer and producer Shawn Levy talk about their sci-fi comedy The Watch (in cinemas now).

Total Recall

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Monster Brawl

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Win tickets to an exclusive screening of Monster Brawl in London.

The Dark Knight Rises - Catwoman

The Dark Knight Rises

This review contains no spoilers or exposition, which is more than can be said for the trailers and the film.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Scroll

The Hobbit

Check out the fantastic scrolling banner for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit