Dr Who Museum Needs Your Help

'Doctor Who' was first aired in November 1963, and since the seventies, historian David J Howe has been collecting merchandise, magazines, original costumes, artwork and props. He arguably holds the biggest collection of 'Doctor Who' merchandise and memorabilia in the world.

His dream: A museum in which to display and share his collection. Can you help?

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About the museum

David J Howe is a historian who has published over 30 titles on the subject of the television show ‘Doctor Who’. He is writer or co-writer of such titles as ‘The Handbook’, ‘The Television Companion’ and ‘The Target Book’. He was the founder of the acclaimed fanzine ‘The Frame’ and worked with Jon Pertwee on his autobiography ‘I Am The Doctor!’.

“Ever since I first saw ‘Doctor Who’ in the mid 1960’s, I was a confirmed fan,” explains David. “In addition, I have been collecting merchandise, original artwork, costumes from the show and props for most of my life.”

David is probably the owner of the largest ‘Doctor Who’ merchandise and ephemera collection in the world, with many thousands of items collected and preserved. His dream has always been to have a private museum to display the collection so that he and others can fully enjoy his lifetime’s passion.

“If you contribute to this campaign, you allow me to achieve his dream. It will also mean that all of these magnificent pieces can be shared with other people instead of being packed away in boxes and file cabinets. Which is always something I have always wanted to do.”

One of the major issues in mounting such an endeavour is where to host it. Over the years, David has made approaches to country houses and museums to see if they might be interested, but every time they have not. Therefore, realising that the only sure way of achieving this was to have his own premises in which to host it, David managed to find and buy a business unit two years ago to help make his vision a reality. THIS IS LOCATED IN RURAL LINCOLNSHIRE. (JUST OUTSIDE OF SLEAFORD).

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