Alphas Season 1 DVD
Groups with special powers (and we're not talking shady government agencies) are not a new concept. From X-Men through to Mutant X, Heroes and The 4400, we have become familiar with shows about diverse collectives of people with mutant powers, as they battle rogue mutants and their own dark sides.

Alphas is another show in the same vein, where a handful of young people under the guidance of Doctor Rosen (David Straithairn), come to terms with their abilities and fight rogue elements that use their powers for more selfish ends.

Being an ensemble piece it does rely on the strength of the characters, with autistic Gary being the most endearing. With plenty of twists and turns to keep you engaged, this is a worthy successor to Heroes, even if it doesn't quite match Heroes first season brilliance.

Alphas is available on DVD from September 10.

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