48hr Flash Fiction shortlist

Back in April we ran the 48hr Flash Fiction challenge on the same weekend as our 48hr Film Challenge.

We have 44 entries and our jury have been busy working through them.

We announce the winners on 3 June at Stratford Picturehouse.

Herewith are the shortlisted entries - in no particular order.  

  • Atmosphere by Bjorn Engstrom (Sweden) - first encounters with alien life on a new planet
  • Baxter & Baxter by Neil Murton (London) - Steampunk meets time travel in a hard-boiled detective setting
  • Grab Hold by Daniel Noall (London) - hacking and scavenging in a post-apocalyptic world
  • The Awake by Adam Jackson (London) - is this a hospital or a prison and am I a war hero or a traitor
  • Signed & Sealed by Lars Tuck (Oxfordshire) - in a dystopian future when everyone is deaf, one man can hear Beetoven’s Ode to Joy
  • The Transit by Andrea Tran (London) - in the Mexico of the future, a taxi driver learns of a mathematical paradox




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