Wildseed Studios want more from the 48hr

At the last festival we had Wildseed Studios work with us to find a feature film they could produce on a micro-budget.   Ben Mole was picked from the dozens of teams who pitched and the 6 we worked with for 3 months, working on story and character.     Ben's film, THE ARENA is now in first draft and we hope that production will start at the end of this year.

Now that one is underway, the guys at Wildseed want to go through the process again.  So, we will pick 20 or so teams from the entries we received this year and invite them to come pitch a micro-budget feature idea.   The successful pitches (around 5-6) will be invited to spend the next three months with Jesse Cleverly from Wildseed and Louis Savy from the SFL festival, developing strong story and characters for a feature.  

Louis Savy said "I am delighted that Wildseed have come back to us for more talent developement, the whole point of the 48hr film challenge was to show what talented people can do on small or non-existent budgets... that scifi doesn't have to rely on massive FX spend"

Keep your eye out for new on the teams selected and more on the features as they progress! In the meantime, check out some of the shortlist for this year - amazing films!




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