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2000AD Zarjaz 40th Anniversary

Search/Destroy 2000AD anniversary promo image

2000AD celebrates a unique event on Saturday 11th Feb 2017in London.

To mark its 40th Anniversary of science fiction storytelling through famous characters such as Judge Dredd, Sláine and Halo Jones. Many talented writers and artists have contributed to the british comic over the years.

Saturday's event will see artists and creators from its history all in one place for a very special day of talks, panels, live drawing and exclusives. The evening rounds off with a premiere screening of 2000AD fan film "Search/Destroy"

Unforuntately if you haven't already purchased a ticket, you are out of luck, the event sold out months ago. However there are other events running in parallel that might interest you. 

You can check out a 2000AD exhibition at Orbital Comics BEYOND 2000 AD: The Wider Cultural Impact Of The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic and another exhibition hosted at the Cartoon Museuem.

The entire schedule and guest list for the event and the updated floor plan was posted on the 2000AD site recently, so get prepared if you're going .

A list of the exlusives has also been mentinoed over at Comics Alliance.

If you want to follow the event as it happens on social media, follow 2000AD on the usual channels:  Facebook, Twitter & their website.

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