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Planet Of Sound

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This weekend saw the tenth anniversary of Record Store Day. We also just celebrated the sixth birthday for our app ( &

One of the festival team, and our app developer; Ket, went on a hunt for some SF goodness on vinyl.

Here's the story.

I happened to pick up a bunch of vinyl this Saturday for Record Store Day #RSD17 - 

  • Quatermass and the Pit [OST] 
  • Quatermass & the Pit [Music Cues]
  • Vangelis - Blade Runner [OST]
  • BBC’s Doctor Who & The Pescatons + Sound Effects Disc


In the world of science fiction, music and sound has played a pivotal role in you experience of the impossible. Futuristic soundscapes brought to life by the creativity of artists and engineers through an evolution of acoustic/electronic music and sound technology which transports us to uncharted spaces in our mind.

Brian Eno & Peter Chilvers  recently released a Deluxe “Generative” version of Eno’s latest album, “Reflection” as an iOS and AppleTV app.

“But the app by which REFLECTION is produced is not restricted: it creates an endless and endlessly changing version of the piece of music.”

Generative music brought back to my memory of the days playing with midi and trying to get the Koan engines working (I never managed it on my Atari ST). Brian Eno pioneered the use of Generative Music with the use of  SSEYO’s Koan Music Engine back in 1996 - its interesting that algorithmic composition is proving to be ever popular and tap into our sense of calm, curiosity and wonder.

So music and sound is everywhere, not excluding the upcoming festival either. We kick off the seventeenth SCI-FI-LONDON film festival this coming Thursday with our Premiere of “Caught

However as this is a music themed post, let me point out the audio related shows we have on offer. Not just feature films, we have shorts, music videos and actual live music!


Supersonics Audio Panel

Wattmarck -  SHORTS 1

Space Detective



IAMEVE “STARMAN” - SHORTS 6 (music video)


Wattmarck -  SHORTS 1


Space Detective



IAMEVE “STARMAN” - SHORTS 6 (music video)

Krautewerk - LIVE CONCERT


Wattmarck -  SHORTS 1

Crank the SCI-FI up to eleven!

Grab a ticket to something unique and interesting in the audio spectrum, tickets on sale now. We hope to see you next week.

#SFL17 @scifilondon

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