The Search For Simon - A SCI-FI-LONDON Production

THE SEARCH FOR SIMON A sci-fi comedy feature film about a man who is convinced his brother Simon was abducted by aliens, and has spent his life searching for him.

WE ARE 100% SHOT... but still a long way to go...

We need to finish the sound design, foley, polish the effects and get it ready for the premiere and beyond... we have put a lot of our own time and cash in, but need some people to help us past the post (what pun?)

SCI-FI-LONDON, the UK’s leading genre event and an internationally recognised launch pad for genre movies, proudly announces the launch of this Indiegogo crowd-funding project for "Search For Simon", an original comedy science fiction feature film about alien abduction.  SCI-FI-LONDON will work in partnership with award winning film director Martin Gooch, of Gothic Manor Productions, aiming for a World Premier at the 12th SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival on 3rd May 2013 at the British Film Institute, London

THE SEARCH FOR SIMON's director & co-screenwriter, Martin Gooch told us; "Think Shaun of the Dead rubbing up against The X-Files, with a little Blair Witch Project, and UFOs thrown in for good measure." Explaining the crowd-funding campaign he went on "Indiegogo will be essential in raising money to finalise shooting and post production of The Search For Simon.  We've already shot loads of material and anyone that loves science fiction should back the campaign now and help us find Simon!"

Festival Director for SCI-FI-LONDON and Producer of The Search For Simon, Louis Savy, added; "Having shown over 10,000 exciting, independent science fiction films at the festival I thought it was about time we made one ourselves, before aliens actually abduct us!" When asked about teaming up with Martin Gooch he responded; "Martin sold-out the opening night of last year’s festival with his award-winning and thrilling gothic horror-comedy "Death", so I’m absolutely delighted to be working with him." He went on to say "Our target on Indiegogo is £15,000 and we have some great perks on offer for funders, including a chance to drive a WW2 tank! Really, a tank! You can be oddball for the day in our homage to Kelly's Heroes!"

THE SEARCH FOR SIMON is a comedy science fiction feature film about a man named David and his lifelong search for alien life.

When David was 10 years old, his younger brother Simon disappeared from his life forever. His father told him that Simon "now lives with the space people".

A year later, David's father died and his mother refuses to talk about what really happened. David dedicates himself to the world of extra terrestrials, looking for the space people and the truth he believes must be out there.

Now a man, David is still searching for Simon, traveling the world, meeting anyone who has a story about abduction and UFO sightings. He even tries to get a job at B.A.S.T.A.R.D.D (British AeroSpace Technology and Research Development Division). 

THE SEARCH FOR SIMON is British comedy at its best, with a golden cast to match the script: Tom Price (Torchwood), Carol Cleveland (Monty Python) and Simon Jones (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy), and a guest appearance by gaming legend Ian Livingstone, the man who brought us Games Workshop and unleashed Tomb Raider on the world!

Search for Simon Cast

NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP... and not just with money!

The film is, in part, a documentary... or mockumentary.... maybe even FOCUMENTARY, a mix of film and fake documentary?  

Anyway, we want to get you involved.

  • Have you been abducted?
  • Seen a UFO?
  • Do you believe in aliens?
  • Think they have visited us?
  • Think it is all rubbish?

Well we want you to record a short video with your (or someone else's) story or opinion and send them to us. The best ones will feature in the film.

Just upload a video clip to your favourite video host (Vimeo, YouTube, DailyMotion etc.) and then email a link to your clip to

Who is Martin Gooch?

Martin Gooch, Director
Martin is a highly organised & experienced Director with a great eye for a story, the ability to get the pictures to tell it, and a unique style. He has travelled the world, filmed it, talked to it and written about it. He has a huge understanding of shooting, having worked on 13 Feature films, including Harry Potter, The Muppets and Judge Dredd, and over 200 Television programs, including Eastenders, Big Brother, Hollyoaks, and Robot Wars. In 2008 Martin directed the live action in the BAFTA Winning and Emmy nominated 'Spooks' interactive multi-platform website. His first feature film, Death, won 8 awards at 10 festivals including the coveted Bram Stoker Best Director award, and nominations for best movie at Raindance 2012 and Best Director at the Hollywood Feel Good Film Festival 2012.


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