Help Trek Alumni make a feature

If you have a few spare quid why not help this team get their movie made.  The 5th Passenger is a science fiction/horror feature with cast members from Star Trek, Stargate, and Strong Female Lead!

Set in 2151, after the Yellowstone Caldera volcano erupts throwing the Earth into chaos, 5th Passenger tells the story of a secretly pregnant female officer and her four man crew adrift in deep space in an escape pod after their transport ship explodes before reaching the new home planet.

They fight amongst themselves as they run low on air, but must work together to find a vicious alien hiding aboard their craft before it kills them all.

Check out the kickstarter campaign here:

The films stars Tim Russ, "Tuvok" from Voyager, Marina Sirtis, Deanna Troi from TNG, Robert Picardo, the Doctor from Voyager and Manu Intiraymi, Icheb from Voyager (who we all made friends with at last year's SciFiWeekender!).

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