Captain Ahab's Motorcycle Club

Captain Ahab's Motorcycle Club
Captain Ahab’s Motorcycle Club was conceived by filmmaker-musician Cory McAbee. The club was established in 2012 by McAbee and filmmaker-documentarian Gregory Bayne. It is a national and international collaborative, a club and a production studio. Participation will take place at live events and online. Participation equals membership. Local chapters are developing worldwide.

The first two departments being developed are music and graphics. Our online music library features a growing collection of songs written by Cory McAbee. All tracks are available for free download. Additional tracks and mixes for these songs are being generated and posted by club members. McAbee has been performing live to these mixes and will continue to do so as tracks develop and mutate. Members are also welcome to use this material. This department will produce live events, club gatherings, and a feature film soundtrack.

Illustrators and graphic designers are creating a body of work in the form of “chapter patches” for their areas. This is our first online collaboration in the visual arts. As these departments develop other departments in other fields will be introduced. Our final project will be a FEATURE FILM, written & directed by Cory McAbee, produced by Gregory Bayne and created by Captain Ahab’s Motorcycle Club. The film and its elements will be distributed for free. Any profits will be given to charity.

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