New indie Brit sci-fi film being developed

One of the main reasons for running SCI-FI-LONDON is to support independent genre filmmaking, especially from local filmmakers, as original British sci-fi/fantasy is woefully overlooked by funding bodies and distributors. We started the 48 Hour Film Challenge specifically to encourage more content to be made and to show not only is there amazing talent in this country, but also that big ideas don't need big budgets. The winner of the first year's competition, Gareth Edwards, went on to make his first feature, Monsters, on the back of that win and is now making a new version of Godzilla for a major Hollywood studio. The last two years' winners are developing feature films with Vertigo.

Liam Garvo has entered the challenge a couple of times, in 2011 with a film The Why Men and this year his entry The Correct Angle made the top 20. He also had his stunning 3D short Breathe shown at the festival. Buoyed up by this success, and from speaking with other filmmakers on the Challenge, he has started producing a feature that he describes as "a black comedy that is a cross between Delicatessen and Fawlty Towers". The film is set on a leaky submarine hotel called The Fitzroy (also the film's title) in an alternative, post-apocalyptic 1950s.

In order to get the film made Liam has already started an online presence to raise awareness of the project with a website ( and Twitter feed @The_Fizroy ahead of a Kickstarter campaign with the crowdfunding site when it launches in the UK in the autumn.

Join us in supporting this project.

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