Jay Randell

Jay Randell
A graduate of Vancouver Film School, Jay Randall, launched SFX company BarXseven in 2005 after honing his skill working on a myriad of film and TV projects including such Hollywood hits as Fifth Element (1997), Godzilla (1998), Titanic (1997) and Pearl Harbour (2001).

To underscore Tarsem's quintessential style and vision, the visual effects experts at BarXseven were tasked by Relativity Media to design some of Immortals' more creative and complex sequences during preproduction. Jay, the VFX supervisor, then supervised second unit for the entire shoot. Once shot on set, the BarXseven team perfected the VFX -heavy sequences.

Randall and his team at BarXseven are presently working on Relativity Media's latest project, Mirror, Mirror (2012).

The Immortals - Triple Play
is out on DVD/Blu-ray and digital download from March 5 and available from Play and all good retailers.

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