Infinite: Rehearsing the Future

The latest news from ambitious new British sci-fi web series, Infinite has just been posted on YouTube in the shape of a neat little behind-the-scenes featurette entitled Infinite: Rehearsing the Future.

In it we get to see the cast rehearsing an episode of the new series and hear them talk a bit about their characters, as well as generally have a bit of a laugh and a joke as they get to know each other.

Check it out below.

To keep up-to-date with all the progress and preparations for this epic space adventure, head over to the Infinite YouTube channel and subscribe to the series now.

You can also follow the series on Twitter at @series_infinite and on their Facebook page.

Infinite, from Event Films, is on course to start screening early this year and follows the adventures of Colonel McQuaid and his crew as they journey through a black hole and into another universe.

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