Re-Launching Infinite

Irish filmmaker Paul Cotrulia looks set to continue his quest to put INFINITE, the epic new live-action science-fiction web-series, into production.

INFINITE follows the adventures of Colonel McQuaid and his crew as they journey through a black hole and into another universe. Originally set to air on YouTube in the spring, production hiccups have delayed the launch, but a new set of teaser trailers has hit the web so fans can keep up to date with what's going on.

Event Films Limited, the production company behind INFINITE, are aiming to produce 10 hours of original episodes - an epic undertaking in itself - and with casting complete, INFINITE is scheduled to begin shooting in London this spring.

Check out the first of the new teasers below, and visit them on YouTube to subscribe, or you can follow the series on Twitter, on Facebook, or via the website.


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