X-Men: First Class Arrives

X-men: First Class DVD
On October 31 you can take the critically acclaimed, box office hit X-Men: First Class, home with you on DVD or Blu-ray triple play.

In this amazing X-Men adaptation from celebrated director Matthew Vaughn we meet young Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Erik Lehnsherr, (Michael Fassenbender) two mutants who cross paths when they both, for different reasons are searching for Sebastian Shaw, (Kevin Bacon) a malicious man who is plotting nuclear between America and Russia. The friendship between Charles and Erik grows stronger and they combine their powers to form a brotherhood of mutants, until the day when they both need to make a decision that will change everything. In addition to learn the origins of Xavier and Magneto, First Class introduces us to fan-favourite characters such as Emma Frost, Mystique, Riptide, Banchee and Azazel.

The Blu-ray is a packed with special features and deleted scenes so make sure you get your hands on a copy to fully experience one of the greatest X-Men films out there.

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