Futurama S5

Futurama Season 5
The fifth season of one of the best animated sci-fi series ever - like The Jetsons on a cocktail of pharmaceuticals - is out now on DVD and Blu-ray. From the creator of anarchic family The Simpsons, it takes its pop-culture sensibilities and side-swipes into a galaxy far, far away where evolution hasn't so much taken a giant leap forward as stumbled in the dark.

In fact, evolution, feline intolerance and robosexual marriage are just some of the topics broached in this 13-episode package. There are also deleted scenes, behind the scenes and a montage of "previously on Futurama" as well as the obligatory yack-track.

Futurama: The Complete Season 5 is out now and available from Play and all good retailers.

The Prisoner of Benda by SFLTV

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