MST3k All nighter

MST3K All Nighter

Never been to an allnighter before? Or been to an MST3K one? Either way, you will be up all night laughing.

Come and sit with like minded people who take sheer pleasure from watching the world's worst films, riffed by 2 robots and some guy.

The show ran for 11 years in the USA and there were 400 episodes, fans across the globe keep it alive by archiving as many shows as can be found.

Thanks to MST3K.CO.UK for their help in getting some of the films we are screening. And of course thanks to Rhino, Shout, Best Brains and all the people in the MST3K crew... oh and all those terrible filmmakers.

Join us for five terrible films...

Some hunters travel deep into an incredibly foggy forest, searching for game. Unfortunately for them, they instead stumble across a poorly-lit cave (whom Joel and the bots mistake for Hell, Yoda's swamp, blindness, and a jar of Smucker's Raspberry Preserve), filled with huge eggs.

A trio of convicts joins up for an assault on a Cuban stronghold. After they are captured, they plan to escape before they face the firing squad. They eventually make it back to the American Southwest, where they go from town to town, robbing and killing before the law gets to them at the end. That is pretty much all there is to it.

A nerdy teenager goes looking for her missing archeologist father and stumbles into a strange underground civilization

Finnish hero Lemminkäinen woos the fair damsel Annikki. When an evil witch named Louhi kidnaps Annikki in order to compel her brother Ilmarinen the blacksmith to build a Sampo, Lemminkäinen and Ilmarinen travel to the witch’s lair to rescue the maiden. Ilmarinen builds the Sampo, then he and Annikki return home... oh, whatever.

Can the police stop the zombie before he kills again? Will the guilty be punished? Oh this is just too awful to write anything. AND it has Adam West in it. Help!


Screening Times

11:30pm - Sat, 8th Oct 2011