It’s near future Japan and Kika, a teenage girl living on the run with her father, is trying to stay away from her mother and uncle, a pair of psychotic cannibals. When a meteorite saves Kika’s life, it triggers a zombie outbreak. In order to contain the zombies a massive wall, the entire width of the country, is built. Kika becomes a chainsaw-katana wielding zombie slayer, and a bloody gorefest ensues.

Think of it as an over-the-top Japanese version of Neil Marshall’s Doomsday, filled with everything you’d expect from Yoshihiro Nishmura, the legendary effects artist and the maker of TOKYO GORE POLICE.

"Those who come to HELLDRIVER wanting gore and bizarre body prosthetics are going to be richly rewarded. What Nishimura has accomplished here on a very limited budget is pretty staggering. The scale and scope of his world is remarkable given what he had to work with and the effects are every bit as blood drenched and imaginative as his fans have come to expect."
Review: TwitchFilm.Net

The film will finally get a DVD release on 31st October, see it on the big screen for full impact! Then have a cuppa at the Mad Max Cafe in Camden's newest destination, the Cyber Market Hall.


Screening Times

4:45pm - Sun, 9th Oct 2011


Japanese with English Subtitles
Yoshihiro Nishimura