Phase 7

As a pandemic spreads across Buenos Aires, Coco wants to protect his pregnant wife Pipi inside their quarantined apartment building by joining forces with his well-armed neighbour Horacio.

Using a disease rather than an explosion it explores similar themes of survival and distrust to THE DIVIDE (which we screen right after), although with different cultural references and a lighter touch.

Opting for gore and comedy over oppressive darkness it still delivers plenty of tension to yet another plausible scenario.

Winner of Best Screenplay at Sitges Fantasy Festival 2011.

"If the director of this film isnt a huge John Carpenter fan, I'll eat my hat. From the great synth score to each little moment of blended tension and cool even to a little graphic image over the end credits, the movie constantly calls to mind films from the horror maestro’s ouvre.

Film festivals are a chance to see some great cinema and powerful films, and rightly so, but it’s also a pleasure when you happen across something every so often that’s just a cracking movie from start to finish. And this is one of those.
Review: Flickfeast.


Screening Times

4:30pm - Sat, 8th Oct 2011


Spanish with English Subtitles
Nicolás Goldbart