Nasty - Kickstart a Tribute to the Video Nasties!

The 80s, a time of social change, the development of a new medium, and a controversy that still has repercussions to this day.  It's to that age this short film, currently being kickstarted, is a tribute to.  A twelve year old boy's father goes missing, with the only clue being a VHS left in the recorder.  This leads him deep into the elicit worlds of the Nasties..

The short is being done by an excellent team of filmmakers, This darkly delicious tale is brought to you by an award-winning team of filmmakers; directed and co-written by Prano Bailey-Bond (House, The Trip, Man vs Sand), Produced by Meghna Gupta (Unravel, Things That Go Around) and Helen Mullane (The Trip, Futureshock!) and with cinematography by Annika Summerson (The Trip, Until the River Runs Red).

It's set to have a darkly comic tone, a proper exploration of thinking behind the moral panic, and the same strong sense of style that the original nasties did.  

Perks include downloads of scripts and concept art, tickets to screenings and even a copy of the film on VHS!

At all interested?  Pledge here!  You can also follow the project on Facebook and Twitter!

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