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2014 Cinema


Excited for more dino-action?  Check out the new trailer for Jurassic World.


Martin Jensen gazes at the stars to bring his review of Christopher Nolan's latest epic.

Win an Interstellar goody bag

To celebrate the release of Christopher Nolan's latest sci-fi epic we have three goody bags to give away.

Brains | thunderbirds | sci-fi-london | picturehouse

SuperMarionation Me Up!

Go see them fab puppets!

Win a copy of FILMED IN SUPERMARIONATION on Blu-ray.

Martin Jensen picks some of the more obscure films to see at the BFI London Film Festival, which starts this week.

iOrigins: too much I and not enough originality? Martin Jensen casts his eye over this indie sci-fi.

Planet Sauvage

Electronic music pioneers are guest curators at the Jersey festival, including a live score of La Planete Sauvage.

Sin City 2

Opinions about Rodriguez's second Sin City outing aren't as black and white as the film. Martin Jensen went downtown to get the scoop.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Artwork

The latest offereing from Marvel could be their most enjoyable since the original Iron Man says Martin Jensen.

Martin Jensen reviews the sequel to the prequel.