Best of the Cork Film Festival on VODO

Last year the Cork Film Festival was held, celebrating a huge number of independent titles.  Now, for a limited time you can pick up a whole bundle of highlights from the festival for whatever you like on VODO.  With a simple donation, you get a bunch of films, but paying above the average price can earn you a whole lot of more exclusives.  

Titles include a bunch of documentaries, an interview with The Man Who Fell To Earth director Nicholas Roeg, and the reissue of Tony Palmer's feature on Lennie Cohen Bird on a Wire!

The proceeds will be going partially towards the original content directors, and towards running this year's festival, running from the 7th - 16th of November (submissions curently being accepted).  Hurry though; the offer will only last until tomorrow evening!

For more information, follow on Twitter Cork Film Festival, and VODO for more bundles.

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