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Jennifer Hale

We chat to videogames vocal star Jennifer Hale about leading sci-fi female roles, debunking emotional myths and stupid jokes.

Slamjet Stadium

We chat to Slamjet Staduim’s creator Alistair Aitcheson about encouraging physical cheating in his latest sci-fi multiplayer game.

Horizon - Stargate Ships

4x Space Strategy Title launched on Steam's 'Early Access'

Warframe - Excalibur Blind

With blades and guns blazing, this slick ninja-sci-fi title is one reason to buy a PS4 at launch.

The Wonderful 101

Tricky to master, but this 'mass-superhero' action game is shaping up to be 101% alien whipping fun

Deadfall Adventures

An end of the summer blockbuster adventure, in the footsteps of Quatermain.

Alien Rage

Alien's Rage and then some, in this addictive old-school style arcade shooter.

Saints Row IV

Dubstepping Presidents and British Aliens; The Saints are back in their most over-the-top battle in the whole wide world.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

SFL has been drinking the pastel pink happy juice that is Animal Crossing New Leaf on the Nintendo 3DS.

 Face Of Mankind: Fall Of The Dominion

One of the most ambitious Sci-Fi Sandbox games we’ve seen has broken through its Kickstarter goal of $50,000 with just 48 hours to go. Now players can help shape the Face of Mankind!