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The Wold Among Us

Bill Willingham's fabulous Fables are coming to a videogame near you, and you'd better watch out for the big bad wolf...

Killer is Dead Blade

A Katana wielding assassin serves up sex and justice in this oddball, adult manga tale from the dark side of the moon.

XCOM Bureau

As The Bureau: XCOM Declassified game AND official information acknowledging Area 51 were both officially released this week, SFL chatted to UFO expert Nick Pope about declassified secrets…

Solar Flux HD

Calling all cosmic pilots. Solar Flux HD provides hours of puzzling, satisfying, stunning, sci-fi fun.

Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV is a wild, fantastical hit of sci-fi gaming goodness.

Beyond Two Souls - Ellen Page

Quantic Dream’s David Cage talks about his belief that the future of gaming lies in film.

Duck Tales - Moon

Nostalgically tough, the remastered DuckTales is still a golden knees-up.


Ian and Tracey go on an interstellar fruit gathering adventure.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Peter Gothard joins two brothers in a sad, beautiful and a lovingly crafted slice of interactive fiction.

clueQuest - Padlock

We put our brains and lock picking skills to the test in this brand new 60 minutes live escape game in London.