KITE - Exclusive clip

We have an exclusive clip for you from the forthcoming release of KITE.

The film is a remake/redux/reimagining?? of A Kite, a Japanese anime OVA written and directed by Yasuomi Umetsu, who was an animator on many projects including AKIRA.

Set in a vast, multicultural and decimated urban landscape, post-financial collapse, Sawa, a beautiful but emotionally detached girl, lives a secret life as a covert assassin.

The daughter of a police detective involved in the investigation of human trafficking, she was orphaned at the tender age of 12 when an unknown assailant targeted both of her parents. Now 18, Sawa is a human time-bomb intent upon eliminating members of the flesh-cartels whom she presumes murdered her family—men who exploit the defenseless children of a collapsed society for the pleasure of high-paying, foreign clients. 

Sounds good?  Well check out the trailer and the clip below...

You can order on DVD & Blu-ray from 13 October and make your own mind up.


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