GoT steel?

Occassionally writing for this website we get invited on a press junket or stunt to get us fired up about the release of a film or box-set or whatever.

Often these things involve daft days out, but this time we spent a lovely day learning all about the art of sword-making and general blacksmithery at the Forge of Avalon in Glastonbury.

Richard who owns and runs the forge was a great teacher and by the end of the day had added to the library of things I should be annoyed by in fantasy-style shows, that being how blacksmiths are portrayed.  Ok, so it's hot and sweaty work and you need strong arms, but you need to know your tools, your hammers and your anvils - all of these things can change the outcome.

Anyway, enough chat - check out the video below to see how we got on, oh yeah... go buy the Blu-ray release of Game of Thrones Season 4 which is out now... then watch the blacksmith closely!!!


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